Monday, January 2, 2012

The Whole Love

Jeff Tweedy and the boys at The Metro

Adam and I went to see our favorite band Wilco a couple of weeks ago. The name of their new album is The Whole Love, a phrase that resonates with the vulnerable part of my soul, the part that risks pain for the promise of love.
What an idea, huh?  A "whole love"...what does that even mean? I'd like to think it means that we can forgive and be forgiven for our deepest flaws, that we can be loved despite our demons.
I guess that's something to aspire to.


  1. oh my
    I believe in this whole love
    and marriage
    Sometimes I think it can be even more precious
    when tested
    May your life be blessed this year Christine
    I think of you often
    praying for you and Adam
    and don't forget my invitation

  2. Suz, I believe in it, too...I'm pretty sure I have it in my life already...but sometimes we hit a bump or two (or twenty!) and suddenly we have doubts...

    But I certainly haven't forgotten about your invitation--let's make it happen soon! So wonderful to hear from a good friend :-)

  3. Suz! How are YOU? I'm the kind of busy that puts busy out of business--barely a moment to breathe but poor me, right? Two amazing jobs with smart and dedicated colleagues..people who inspire me every day...yeah...I have NO reason to complain (but somehow I still wind up finding a way!)

    Adam and I are going to Florida to visit his mom over spring break, and I can't wait! She is a wonderful woman, and it will be precious family time spent in a dewy tropical setting. Can't WAIT!

    Speaking of weather, are you enjoying the "summer"? High 70s all week--just lovely. Are you writing? I haven't written a darn thing except red squiggles on student papers...I miss it.

  4. are doing old lady things...ha ha.....grandkids...and animals and garden and feeding the grandpa.....and of course...going to there a big day coming..hee heee